Who we are and what we do

Just Bubble was created to explore the UK and Ireland market with air bubble products manufactured in Europe with up to 80% of recyclable plastic associated with a sustainable development. In total, despite Just Bubble being young, we have more than 20 years regarding air bubble products, thus giving us infinity product possibilities to develop and manufacture to achieve our client goals.
As an experience team, we are constantly moving forward to develop high quality products, reducing plastic waste and encourage the final client to reuse our products.


With more than 20 years of accumulated experience, eco sustainable development is our major goal at Just Bubble. Therefore, our products are made with up to 80% of recyclable plastic and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facilities which uses solar energy as much as possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

Just Bubble portfolio is designed taking in consideration the costumers needs, giving a distinct packaging and high quality product with a lower carbon footprint. Our widest range of air bubble products and packaging is perfect for advertising, branding purposes and promotional items to help the client achieve their project vision.
With our network of suppliers and their expertise we can provide true cost-effective solutions to our costumers with guarantee of a top quality product.


Just Bubble want to grow at the speed that World is evolving, therefore creating for the big global market more sustainable and profitable solutions.


Just Bubble is committed to change mentalities in terms of plastic recycling as well as the reuse of final solutions.
Therefore, our customer’s needs is our focus, which is achieved through the verticality of our manufacturing facilities that provide more quickness and efficiency compared to other suppliers.


The energy consumption on the headquarter and industrial partners of Just Bubble are controlled through:
• Thermal insulated Facilities
• Use of solar energy, thus reducing the carbon footprint
• Climate control with evaporative coolers system (closed water circuit)
• Use of natural water resources (from water well)

Manufacturing process


Our Car-Sunshades are manufactured up to 80% of recycled raw materials. All our production cycle generates 0% of waste.


Silkscreen printing distinguishes itself for being an ideal solution for simple jobs and being high quality inks and high durability with UV treatment.


Flexo is designed for works with high graphic demands, with maximum quality. This type of printing can produce photographic quality guaranteed.