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Measures (cm)
ReferencesLength (L)Width (W)Weight
60244130 cm70 cm270 +/- 10% gr/ m2
CarSunShade Composition
2 x PET Polyethylene Air Bubble Aluminized
Ribbon Composition
Inside the Car
Assembly ManualLogistics SheetModel (Adobe Illustrator)
Silk PrintFlexo Print
Silkscreen printing distinguishes itself for being an ideal solution for simple jobs and being high quality inks and high durability with UV treatment.The Flexography is targeting for work with high graphic demands, with maximum quality. This type of printing photographic quality guarantees.
MOQ – 250 unitsMOQ – 1000 units
Printing area – 80 x 55 cmPrinting area – 130 x 70 cm

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